Renewal    30x24        SOLD

​​​​Reflection   24x30x2             $750

​Awakening  18x18      SOLD

​​​​Indigo Buddha 30x24       SOLD

​​​​Purple Lotus Buddha  36x24  SOLD

   Zen Series

Watercolor on textured Japanese masa paper, mounted on painted stretched gallery canvas

​​​Freedom     20x20x2              $550

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​​Bali Buddha  18x18     SOLD

​Peace Within   18x24     $575

​​​​Rumination 36x24      $875

​​​Stillness Awakens   24x24x2     SOLD

​​​Umber Buddha   24x36        $875

​​Bliss Buddha    36x24x1                                 SOLD

Bliss in Bloom       16x40

Acrylic on gallery canvas  $950

​​​​​Patina Buddha   24x18  SOLD

​​Lotus Dream   20x16                 $325

​​​​Rose Gaze     24x12x1                   SOLD

​​​​​​Eyes of Wisdom    30x24     SOLD

​​Golden Gaze 30x24                 SOLD

​​​​​​Insight   18x14x1     SOLD

Ahambrahmasmi         20x20             $550