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I grew up traveling the world, and currently live in Northern California. An artist from a very early age, I have a passion and deep appreciation and reverence for the natural world. My  eye for natural beauty in all that surrounds us is portrayed in mywork. My most recent Zen watercolor and acrylic series, speaks to the heart and Spirit within. The unique use of textured Japanese masa paper and watercolor adds a very unique two dimensional quality, reminiscent of stone carvings and statues.

"I feel that painting is an expression of the divine beauty of the human spirit and at the same time reflects who I am, a journey of self discovery. I believe that if you paint from your heart and are truly faithful, honest and passionate about your subject and what you want to portray, love will shine through. If you can capture a moment that touches your heart or stirs feelings within you, you will touch another’s heart."    Kari